Lily’s Fund Goals

Goal #1: Increase Awareness of Epilepsy
We do this through Purple Day, Lily’s Lemonade Stands and Lily’s Luau.

Goal #2: Support Those Living with Epilepsy
Lily’s Friends is a group of parents who have children with epilepsy who meet regularly to share information and experiences, ask questions of each other, and find comfort knowing we are all comrades in the same battle. We meet monthly to talk about med side effects, new research, learning and social issues, the keto diet, our worries, our mistakes…whatever! We also throw out questions and comments to our group via Facebook. For more information on joining our group, please email us.

Goal #3: Raise Money for Local Research
Our major fundraiser, Lily’s Luau, was first held on January 10, 2009. In just four years, the luau has more than doubled in attendance and quadrupled the money raised. This midwinter luau, where snow boots and grass skirts meet for an awesome evening of music, dancing, food and an auction, have had sell-out crowds of more than 500 people for the past two years. Equally important, the event has increased awareness of epilepsy and the need for more research

Goal #4: Support Cutting-Edge Research at UW
In April of 2012, the Lily’s Fund Scientific Advisory Board met to create and implement a strategic vision for Lily’s Fund and future epilepsy research at UW-Madison. We are excited to share with you our funding and research goals:

Fund A Fellow
Co-fund an epilepsy research fellow every two years. Leverage this record of training success to secure a large NIH Epilepsy Training Grant. 
Fellowships may be for grad students or post-doctoral professionals.

Grace Grants
Inspire creativity by funding novel ideas every two years that have potential to yield big discovery, but that cannot be funded elsewhere. These innovative research projects, if successful, will enrich our understanding of epilepsy, advance new epilepsy treatments, identify new diagnostic tools, or otherwise improve quality of life for those who live with epilepsy.

Campus-Wide Epilepsy Exchange Forums
Bring together epilepsy researchers from various labs across the UW campus on a regular basis to discuss current research, new ideas and future collaborations.

Currently there are more than a dozen labs on the UW Campus working on various aspects of epilepsy (engineering, pharmacology, neurology, neuroscience…) with sporadic and informal communications between them. Lily’s Fund has made it a priority to unite epilepsy researchers from various labs on a regular basis to discuss research in progress, new ideas and future collaborations. A key component of these forums would be to fund acclaimed national and international epilepsy experts as keynote presenters here in Madison, creating additional excitement for the progress of epilepsy research and positioning Madison as a hub in this important area of science and consumer awareness.